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At Lincoln Industries, we employ systems at the forefront of today's technology to produce thousands of component and assembled parts every day. We service a variety of industries such as electrical, automotive, plumbing, household products and more.

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Bulk material storage provides raw material savings which translates into lower product costs.

Our Quality Control department uses state-of-the-art equipment, along with Statistical Process Control (SPC) to insure parts meet customer specifications throughout the production process.

Hot stamping and assembly capabilities complement and support our molding operations.

LincolnPlant.jpg (4396 bytes)    Lincoln Industries is a 55,000 sq. ft. custom plastic injection molding facility, located in the heart of Plastic Valley, in Boonville, Indiana.
   We have experience in injection molding commodity and engineered resins with additives such as glass filled, teflon, silicone, foaming agents and various other additives. The following materials provide a sample of our capabilities, but we are not limited to these materials: ABS • acrylic • acetal • nylon • polycarbonate • polypropylene • polystyrene • polyethylene • TPE and PVC.
Lincoln Industries, Inc.
110 W. Division St. • Boonville, Indiana 47601-0621
812-897-0715 • FAX 812-897-0717

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